The Green Crypto Revolution
The first climate positive blockchain based token
We do not postpone the CO2-problem, we tackle it at the root.
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1 VER token price
0.01 USD
Current Holders
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Vote through our App which ecological Projects we should support next (Coming Soon)
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Your Planet!
Your Verdant!

Our Tokens
What is Verdant Coin?
Verdant Coin is the core asset of the Verdant Ecosystem.

Highest Safety

The Verdant Ecosystem is secured through the Binance Smart Chain Security Standards. The Contract is verified by a Certik Audit.


Every transaction is not only ecological neutral but also ecological positive. Guaranted through the TreeFee.

 Secret-Soon to be revealed

The Verdant Ecosystem will introduce Child Tokens

Up-to-Date Voting Events

We save the Environment through our Voting App . The Community Token Holders are able to vote.


Developed in Germany.
Distributed to the World.

In order to make VER token distribution process more efficient, the VER price will now be linked to USD$:

1 VER= 0.01 USD$
Token distribution
Fund distribution


Our Solution is simple, understandable and effective. Through our 3% Tax, The TreeFee we can ensure a climate positive trading experience.

Planting Pool


for Buyers
CarbonSavers NFTs

Our NFT collections are shown on the ClimateMap. They can be traded and holded.

Community Voting

The Community is able to vote for upcoming projects through the Voting DApp.

Worldwide Problem

The Climate Change affects everyone. Our Mission is to help protecting our Planet.

Supporting the Environment

Every Trade supports the environment in the real world.

A new Way of Shopping

Our Token Pay System, The Greenpay, will be integrated into several Online Shops, to ensure a ecological friendly shoppping experience.

ICO Launch

Be part of our ICO.

You can buy the Token through the GreenSwap
Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Green Ambassador
Peter S.
Chief Executive Officer
Bernd M.
Chief Executive Officer

One of the Founders.

Thomas J.
Chief Information Officer
Marvin J.
Contract CTO
Ralf G.
Vladimir D.
Head of Development
Tom B.
Peter S.
Project Manager
Jan R.
Community Manager
Gil L.
Business Development Manager South Korea
Andrey K.
Business Development Manager Russia
Susanne S.



Su K.
Business Development Manager Asia
Dr. Patrick
Green Ambassador Canada
Nicole D.
Community Manager
Jonasson J.
Business Development Manager South Africa
Georg Z.
Verdant Ecosystem
Frequently Asked Questions

A Fee is collected from every transaction which will be sent into the Planting Pool. The collected tax ensures the climate positivity of the transaction.

The Verdant Coin can be bought through the GreenSwap or at the listed Exchanges.

Verdant Coins can be stored in Software Wallets like MetaMask, Trustwallet or Safepal.

We act completely under european and german law. We fulfill all required regulations and our code was verified by CertiK. We want to be as transparent as possible.

Copy our Partner ID or go to “Our Cases” Page and show it

The Coin is currently running on the Binance Smart Chain. There are future plans that the Verdant Ecosystem will be migrated to our next Development the Green Blockchain. That ensures even greener transactions with a lower minimum transaction amount.

With every trade we want to plant at least one tree. Lets estimate there will be thousand transactions a day. Then we will be able to plant around half a million trees a year.
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